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SaversPlanet 3D Box Screensaver 2.2

SaversPlanet 3D Box Screensaver 2.2: We are happy to present our new 3D screensaver! screensaver! This screensaver is both simple and fine. Imagine 3d cube that splits into hundreds of small cubes... After time they join in the initial cube and so on. It is good idea to use this free screensaver on your work computer. Diversity your desktop when you are out of just want to relax. Download free 3d box screensaver! Please enjoy more SaversPlanet screensavers from different categories: 3D, Nature, Holidays, Animated, Special effects

Alien Sun Clock screensaver 2.8: Alien Sun Clock Screensaver lets you look at the Sun in a surprisingly new way
Alien Sun Clock screensaver 2.8

Screensaver will provide you with a fascinating experience of the alien vision. Now you can see the Sun and sky through the eyes of an alien right from your desktop. The warmth of this radiant and extraordinary screensaver will make your mood joyful. Alien Sun Clock Screensaver decorates your desktop with a fascinating assortment of vivid colors composing a new image of the Sun. Near the sun there are gently floating clouds and the background is

harmony, ballon, time, town, office, watch, clock, clocks, alien, abstract, urban, break

Deskroller Screensaver 1.1: Deskroller is a screensaver that scrolls your desktop in random directions.
Deskroller Screensaver 1.1

Deskroller is a screensaver that scrolls your desktop in random directions. You can specify the speed of scrolling. You can pause the screensaver any time by pressing the space bar.

screen saver, desktop, screensaver

The Great Ocean Screensaver 1.0: Our Ocean screensaver will make your workplace more interesting!
The Great Ocean Screensaver 1.0

screensaver will make your desktop more diverse! At work, people often dream of an escape, but no need for psychologists, as our ocean screensaver is an excellent distraction. You do not even have to run the program as it starts to work by itself right after you lean back in your chair and relax. A little bit later, the images you prefer will appear on the screen giving you aesthetic pleasure and rest. Choose our ocean screensaver for quality relaxation

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Amazing Thunderstorm Screensaver 1.0: Amazing Effects and Sound!
Amazing Thunderstorm Screensaver 1.0

Fantastic Thunderstorm is a desktop screensaver designed to bring the forces of nature on your desktop. *** Amazing special effects. *** Fantastic and realistic thunderstorm sound fx *** Full install/uninstall support. Enjoy!

free, amazing, thunderstorm, desktop, screen saver, screensaver

World Of Fantasies Screensaver 1.0: World Of Fantasies Screensaver
World Of Fantasies Screensaver 1.0

Have a pleasant view of the fantasy wolrd in your desktop, feel the peace and beauty around you. Enjoy this World Of Fantasies Screensaver with 5 scenarios.

girls, desktop, world, forest, screensaver, fantastic, color, free, beauty, butterfly, fantasy

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Wallsa 0.2

Animate your desktop - apply screensaver directly onto desktop.

animator, screen saver, desktop manager, screensaver

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